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Precious Whispers ~ Sordid Tales


-X- evil bunnyhead eater -X-

My boy's band :)

1. Song For Vara
2. Call And Response
3. Automata
4. Survival
5. (live in-studio track)
6. (live in-studio track)
+ more secret stuff

Order for a mere $5 + shipping.
Paypal to shortwavedahlia@yahoo.com

In local news:

May 19th, 2007
Shortwave Dahlia
w/Antique Curtains and Noise Choir
The Buccaneer 1368 Monroe Ave, Midtown
Times and Cover TBA.

April 21st, 2007

Shortwave Dahlia
w/Simon and Seafood Hotline
Neil's 1835 Madison Ave, Midtown

Times and cover cost TBA.

March 24th, 2007

1st public performance by Shortwave Dahlia
Neil's 1835 Madison Ave, Midtown

w/Two Way Radio and Holly Cole
$3 cover.

Check them out!


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I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, a city where an open mind was a necessity. I'm grateful for a childhood like that.

I've got two gorgeous kids. Michael and Elisabet. He's now 12, she's almost 14. My children are currently living in Colorado with their dad and stepmom (though she recently moved out and the final outcome remains to be seen). I visit as often as I'm able, which will probably never be enough in my opinion.

I've lived in Memphis this long:

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At the moment's:
Drink of choice: Fresca.
Last CD listened to: Shortwave Dahlia.
Hair: Black with 'Enchanted Forest', 'Ultraviolet', and 'Pillarbox Red' highlights... and just past the shoulders.
Piercings: 13 currently (2 left brow, labret, madison, both tragus, 4 left ear, 3 right ear. I used to have my tongue pierced but I grew tired of it, 5 1/2 years of it was enough for now.
Tattoos: 0, but would eventually like to get some if I can ever find something I like enough.

Some of my icons were done by:darwiniantheory ... WORSHIP HIM!!

FRAZY: Books, Movies/TV, Music

Protect yourself and your family. Be aware of sex offenders living in your area.

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I'm reclusive by nature.

So yeah..... that's about it. Bio subject to change on any given whim I may have.

The current mood of vixengonepostal@yahoo.com at www.imood.com

I've grown to be an addict of Live Journal and have also come to
maintain a few communities which include:

1)obituary - Discussion of death and the passing of others.
Founded and previously maintained by kalemachka and wiseblood.
2) egyptology - A forum to relate thoughts and ideas involving the topic.
3) movietalk - A forum to discuss movies and anything related to them.
4) cocteautwins - A place for fans to meet and get to know one another and
discuss life in general along with the music and band itself.
5) gracelandtoo - A real-life shrine to Elvis, located in Holly Springs, MS. It's even better than Graceland.
6) spooky_places - Tell a tale.

These communities are open-forum.
Everyone is welcome to join and participate.
Of course, some are dead, others are beyond full... If anyone would like to moderate any of these, let me know. Currently, we have very little 'net access so they're sorely neglected.


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